Proposed changes to how you can apply for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

We are making changes to how you can apply for DBS checks in relation to CSSIW applications or renewals.

We asked for your views about our proposed changes this summer. The exercise and feedback form to submit your views is now closed.

Next steps

We are now going through a tendering process to identify a supplier for the service.

We are currently considering the feedback we have received about theses changes. If you have any additional comments we would like to hear from you.

You can still tell us your views by completing our feedback form.

  • What are the proposed changes?

    Currently, we provide the DBS application form for people who are registering with us and have to apply for a DBS check. We also manage the process of completed forms and pay DBS fees.

    From 2018, we will no longer directly manage DBS checks. These will be managed by an external provider who will process your DBS application on our behalf.

    You will be required to pay the DBS fee (currently £44) and an administration charge for this service.

    If you register with the DBS Update Service (External link) when you apply for your DBS check, a transitional arrangement will apply which will effectively fund the £13 subscription to the DBS Update Service for the first year.

  • Why are we proposing these changes?

    Most people applying for registration with us are working or wish to undertake work which is classed as regulated activity for the purpose of DBS checks. Regulated activity is work that involves close and unsupervised contact with vulnerable persons and cannot be carried out by a person who is on the DBS Barred list.

    DBS disclosures and the DBS Update Service provide assurance that the person working in a regulated activity is legally allowed to do so.

    Amendments to relevant Regulations mean we can accept the assurance of the DBS Update Service, even if the original DBS certificate is not countersigned by Welsh Ministers.

    Child minders or people running small businesses who are not already on the DBS Update Service (External link) and need a DBS check, cannot request DBS checks directly and need to use a licensing body. The third party service we propose to put in place will enable providers in that position to apply for a check and benefit from the speed and efficiency of an online service.

    The changes will also bring us into line with other UK regulators who already use a third party service to administer DBS checks. In England, for example, the Care Quality Commission provide a third party service through which care providers can pay for their DBS checks and administration costs (current costs are £44 for the DBS fee plus a £17.50 administration charge). Signing up and paying an annual subscription to the DBS Update service is cheaper than renewing the check every 3 years and, after the first check, the cost is spread over 3 years.

    Using the DBS Update service actually reduces the number of checks. The DBS Update service allows employers or regulators to see if any relevant information has been identified about the individual since their Certificate was last issued. This reduces the need to ask individuals to apply for multiple Certificates if they move from one job to another in the same workforce or when a recheck is required.

    The move to a third party provider for DBS checks will complement the introduction of online registration services also planned for 2018.

  • Register with the DBS Update Service

    If you have not already done so, you should register to the DBS Update Service (External link) when you apply for your next DBS check. You must also give us permission to check if anything’s changed on your certificate. You can do this through the Update Service.

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